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icharacter's Journal

Icon Your Character

An Episode-By-Episode Character Challenge
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Icon Challenges; Character Claims; Claims; Icons; TV Shows
Welcome to icharacter! Here you can icon your favorite television characters, and recieve a shiny banner for every claim that you complete.

Your friendly mod and banner maker is likeagoldenring. This community was co-created by iconsoleander and owes its survival to his diligence and organizational skills.
1. Join here and read the rules below.
2. Choose your character at the Claims post, or join the Waiting List for an already claimed character.
3. Make three icons of your character for every episode they appear in.
4. Head to the Artist Gallery when you've completed your claim, to join the list and receive your banner.
5. Tell your friends! We are currently open to new members.
1. You will have four months to complete your claim and
two weeks to post a first batch of icons.
2. You may post your icons in installments, but batches must consist
of at least six icons. Seasons must be posted in order.
3. All batches must be behind an LJ cut. No more than four preview icons are allowed outside the cut. Sharing within this community is appreciated. Fake cuts are only permitted if clearly labeled.
4. Please tag your posts. More details on tags can be found here.
5. Please include the name of the tv show and the name of your
character in the subject line of every post.
6. A maximum of three characters may be claimed at one time, but you will
have the same amount of time to complete the challenge.
7. If the character you want is already claimed, you can join the Waiting List
and be notified for your character when they become available.
8. For all other questions and concerns, please consult the FAQ post.
1. FAQ
2. Claims Post
3. Waiting List
4. Tag Guidelines
5. Claim Extensions
6. Claim Cancellations
7. Artist Gallery

Visit our Affiliates Post to browse other awesome artists and competitions.
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